Padharo Mharo Desh to Taking Jaipur to the World!

Padharo Mharo Desh to Taking Jaipur to the World!

‘Khamma Ghani’, ‘Daal Baati Churma’ do these words ring a bell? We are sure, it does. Each of them screams ‘Rajasthan’ with the same enthusiasm exactly how the state’s people are, welcoming and vibrant.

If you have visited the place, we are sure you already have the pictures of Johri Bazar, Bapu Bazar in your mind, running in a cinematic motion.

Jaipur truly brings alive the saga of the past as well as the promise of the future. Its imposing forts, delectable cuisine and the CULTURE are all widely talked about. What remains neglected are the people and communities who built this culture, who amidst wars and famines, with their nimble hands weaved hope and dreams for the world to celebrate!

Picture this, you pick a piece of clothing and bag it. These clothes live forever in your family albums and memories, insta posts and stories. !

But.. what about the story of that clothing, you know, the behind the scenes ? Mostly ugly, just like the giant ugly factories they come from!

Sustainability sounds very contemporary concept, right? But Jaipur has endured and built upon it from centuries. The craftsmen and artists deserve to indulge in their absolutely delectable food, humming their beautiful songs and living the true spirits of Jaipur.

From Padharo Mharo Desh to Taking Jaipur to the world, ‘The Jaipur Studio’ uplifts the community of artisans who are from a remote village in Rajasthan since 1950!

And it’s not just about the craftsmen!

Tell us more about how you hate those “prickly” ethnic wear you buy online.

Jaipur Studio brings to you clothes that define sophistication, opulence and a sense of impeccable fashion. Sounds like Royalty?

Lets’s celebrate the art and the artisans that Rajasthan is blessed with. Making them not just financially independent but also investing in the communities.

Come, join hands in this good deed of supporting an actual community of craftsmen who are keeping the legacy of Jaipur alive. After all action speaks louder than words.

Ethically sourced ingredients, crafted by artisans, slow, sustainable and opulent fashion, a real a win-win for EVERYONE!

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s Jaipur and the Sky is always PINK