Ethnic Elegance - A Guide to Caring for Traditional Clothing

Ethnic Elegance - A Guide to Caring for Traditional Clothing

We preserved the history. We preserved the culture.

Now you should preserve your garments.

Craftsmen pour their hearts into creating these garments, it takes a similar dedication to ensure they stay vibrant and beautiful for years to come. It's a way of respecting the craftsmanship, the culture, and the stories woven into the fabric.

Here’s a guide to giving your favourite ethnicwear the love it deserves

Start by sorting your ethnic clothing by colour to prevent colour bleeding. Wash similar colours together and avoid mixing bright and dark shades. For delicate ethnic wear, hand washing is often the best option. Use a gentle detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric. Don't soak ethnic wear for extended periods as it can weaken the fibres and cause colour fading.

If the care label indicates that machine washing is safe, use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. Place the garment in a mesh laundry bag to protect it from friction and potential damage in the machine. Fabric softeners can damage delicate fabrics and diminish the vibrancy of colours. Avoid using them when washing ethnic wear.

Avoid sealing your garments in airtight containers like sealed boxes or bags, as this can cause atmospheric damage to your precious clothes. Instead, let them breathe a bit. Maintain a watchful eye on the temperature and humidity of your storage space; attics and basements might seem like convenient choices but can lead to fabric expansion and contraction, introducing unwanted wear and tear, especially at folds and creases.

When folding your garments, be gentle and thoughtful—place a plain paper between the folds to protect delicate embroidery.

Shield your expensive traditional dresses from harsh sunlight, as those rays have a sneaky way of causing fabric discolouration over time.

And when it comes to hanging your attire, do it with care. If you choose to hang it, use the loops of the outfit instead of relying on the shoulder straps; it'll help maintain its shape and integrity.

Last, but not least, give your outfit a breath of fresh air every six months. Air it out to ensure it remains as fabulous as ever.

These steps may seem like a LOT, but they're worth every effort to ensure your traditional clothing remains a timeless treasure

So, wear your culture with pride, elegance, and confidence!