The Royal Threads- Why Jaipur Shines as the Hub of Ethnic Fashion!

The Royal Threads- Why Jaipur Shines as the Hub of Ethnic Fashion!

The Hawa Mahal, The Amer Fort, The Jantar Mantar, The Nahargarh Fort, and The Jaigarh Fort are all in Jaipur. But this isn't a history lesson. This is about why, Jaipur in all it’s glory, shines brightest as the Hub of Ethnic fashion!

When it comes to Jaipur fashion you would probably visualize something like this, a bright red bandhni-printed Rajasthani turban worn by a man who sports a royal mustache. A woman wearing a ghagra choli which is shining due to the mirror work. Or you would recall that Bandhni printed dupatta that you owned long back.

Fast forward to 2018 when ‘The Jaipur Studio’ was launched and the concept of Jaipur fashion took a contemporary turn. We blend the ancient Jaipuri work with the modern-day organza silk, schiffli fabric, muslin set, and a lot more.

For instance, we don’t just have apparels that are suitable for particular occasions. From professional work wear to party wear to casual wear. We have them all, made intricately by artisans of Rajasthan. This group of craftsmen weave stories through each stitch, making the clothing a timeless piece of work. Despite being from a small village of Rajasthan, their vision is beyond the urban perspective. Weaving the watch patchwork, inspired by the historical forts, comes under the many talents of the working community.

Our collection doesn’t just include Jaipuria print, Lahariya print, Mothda, Ekdali, Angrakha, Shikari, handblock Kota Doria or a few tie-dye work or bandhani. Since ‘The Jaipur Studio’ believes in ethical fashion, sustainability, and staying ahead of the fashion curve brings out a versatile set of clothing that you can own for the longest period of time. Our artisans are not merely crafting pieces of clothes but also keeping them timeless by creating a fusion of modern-day trending fabrics with traditional Rajasthani embroidery work.

Jaipur is preferred because it houses huge markets that literally have everything!

Can this ever be just the only reason for the wide popularity?

Truly not, you might get traditional Rajasthani clothes even outside of the state, however, the authenticity is retained only by the people who live in Rajasthan. To be specific by the craftsmen. Jaipur shines as the hub of ethnic fashion because people get moved by the stories that run behind every work. The value doesn’t stay limited to the people of the country but also goes far beyond the border across different continents. Have you ever noted how some of the weavers have imitated the intricate work that adorns the walls of the different forts of Jaipur?

Wearing apparel that oozes out emotions and history through the same thread is worth the money.

One can create a replica version but never the original.

Johari Bazaar wasn’t built in one day!

The Grand Art of a humble craftsman is just a celebration of generations devoted to this art, through times of joy and happiness or war and famine. Jaipur has housed the Royals and the Craftsmen, the Traders and the Patrons for centuries with such passion that no other city comes close.

So, who do we thank for it ?!

That would be a tricky question, isn't it? Well, I would say everybody!

The Jaipur Studio honors and celebrates our blessings. Get yourself a piece of the grand story that Jaipur is.

From Jaipur, with love 🩷